Connemara ponies originated on the west coast of Ireland. They are 13hh -14hh and often dun or grey. Because of their size and tractable nature, today they are very popular as riding ponies for older children and small adults.

This world-famous famous breed of pony comes from a rugged, mountainaous area known as Connemara. In this tough western Irish environment, this breed of pony has developed its trademark qualities of hardiness, agility and extraordinary jumping ability.

The Connemara Pony can be traced back some 2,500 years to the time when Celtic warriors brought their dun colored ponies onto the island of Ireland and used them to draw war chariots and carts along the beaches and river plains of their new found home.

Legend has it that when the Spanish Armada sank off the Connemara coast in the 16th Century, the horses swam to shore and bred with the native ponies running wild in the mountains. They learned to live on the tough vegetation and survive the hardships of their habitat, as a misplaced step could send a pony crashing to its death.

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